McLaren BP23, so will be the next super sports car from Woking

McLaren BP23 Teaser

McLaren is one of the brands of car that best knows how to surprise us. In the past Geneva motor show have presented the 720S and now we received the first sketch of how it could be a new model with three seats. This vehicle could be similar to that designed by Gordon Murray, that is to say, the McLaren F1. This model will be part of the “Ultimate Series” and apparently, before it is presented in an official manner, I would be exhausted.

The name that you have given to this project is BP23, but apparently even his name is key, so that when it reaches the market could change. The meaning of these letters is “Bespoke Project”, the number 2 refers to the project with which they are working and the 3 reveals that it is a model with the same number of seats. Taking into account the secrecy of this project, the sketch that has been filtering the signature a little to us in terms of its final design.

McLaren 720S 1

What if we can say of this sketch is that the model will have alloy wheels of impressive size, a few lines very aerodynamic and a back topped by a large diffuser. Called attention to the lack of spoiler crowns the rear, but surely it will not be necessary for the care of the aerodynamics of the model. Your rear lights look very sharp and thanks to the use of led technology will occupy very little space encompassing all the necessary functions.

with Respect to their mechanics, McLaren would like to build your street car more powerful and aerodynamic than its history. . To move it you could use a block hybrid that would be based on the V8 engine with 4 liter capacity that will use the 720S. The end power is not known, but if we attend to the data that the brand offers we’ll be talking of more than 900 cv. Your final price is 1.9 million euros and its production will be limited to little more than 300 units, of which, as we have already stated above there is not a single.

The moment you arrive to their new owners will be the year 2019. While we will have to wait to know their final design.

Source – McLaren

McLaren MP4-12C
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