McLaren BP23: the first details of the successor to the McLaren F1


McLaren F1, the myth.

just a few months Ago we surprised the intentions McLaren make a spiritual successor to the classic McLaren F1. After this, the british firm had developed not only a similar model, the McLaren P1, but a whole range of models, from the Sport Series to the Super Series, and never had given proof of wanting to resurrect the old concept of the F1.

it Was in November when they confirmed the news, releasing even a teaser of the model, a mere sketch of a few lines very suggestive that seem to outline a silhouette, but they don’t show anything really. At that time it was confirmed even its production, only 106 copies.

At that time we asked a lot of questions, even the why of this bizarre production number, and now we have some answers.


First and up to now, single, teaser.

The project BP23, whose abbreviation stands for “Bespoke Project 2 with 3 seats”, it will not be a direct successor of the recent P1, but all in all an homage to the classic F1. This has been revealed by the CEO of the firm, Mike Flewitt, in recent words to the media, confirming that the model will be boxed in the product line Ultimate Series of McLaren, in which only found ourselves at the P1 and P1 GTR.

The reason create a vehicle inspired by F1 should not be the intentions of the brand, but to an express request of a client. So, was not the idea of McLaren, but of a wealthy client who requested a one-off to the department MSO of McLaren. Of course, it has not transcended the identity of this collector.

According to Flewitt, after you accept the original commissioned, appeared a second customer desiring to another drive. Apparently, outside of McLaren spread the rumor of the existence of the project, we do not know exactly how, but so it was. The case is that the orders are not finished here, since began to get requests for the same model, having to expand production up to 12, to later extend it to 46 by the arrival of new orders. Finally, it was decided to limit it to 106 units for a reason very simple. This is the figure of production of the McLaren F1 original, manufactured between 1992 and 1998.


The F1 is back, albeit in new forms.

For the moment, we do not know too many details of the model. Mike Flewitt has confirmed the configuration of 3 positions and that it will be McLaren’s fastest and most powerful ever built. Will be based on the frame monocoque carbon fiber of the brand and the engine twin-turbo V8 coupled to a hybrid system that employs the entire range.

In terms of their appearance, what little we know is that will not be aggressive spoilers or ailerons, but a fluid body intended to minimize its aerodynamic resistance.

All copies will be in the format coupe, there will be no convertible, as there will be no versions designed to track, or competition, which is curious, as they will not be matriculables. Will be ready to enter into production in 2019, with a price of 1.9 million pounds, which is 2.4 million dollars, or 2.18 million euros.