McLaren BP23: to happen to the P1 hybrid, McLaren resurrects the classic F1


McLaren F1 LM, the most sought after.

The amount of data that McLaren has revealed about their latest project is inversely proportional to the amount of questions that raises the same ad in if.

What little we know, confirmed by the company itself, is that McLaren is developing a new hiperdeportivo limited edition, and that this will have a mechanical-type hybrid and the particular configuration of triple seat that characterized the classic McLaren F1 of the nineties.

Like the other models of the brand will be manufactured in carbon fiber and the doors, opening vertically, will be operated electrically.


The image released by McLaren with the announcement says not a great thing.

This will have a production strictly limited to only 106 copies, a number which even makes us wonder why this exact amount, without being a round figure. According to the own brand, all of the units have already been sold, so this figure would suggest that also includes the prototypes of development.

The parallels with the old F1 have emerged immediately after confirming the configuration of your cockpit, with the driving position in the center, although it is true that this really would serve as the successor to the most recent P1, with the that more than likely share many elements. As is usual in the range of sports the manufacturer of Woking.

The ad itself says it is being developed by the special operations division of the brand under the internal code BP23) “Bespoke Project 2 with 3 seats”, and the brand defines it as a Hyper-GT, suggesting that it may not be as radical as it was in his day the P1, and has a cabin more cozy, what we at McLaren would mean something more covering and less carbon fiber to the view.


The cockpit of the F1 of the nineties I had 3 squares.

The first copies will be delivered in 2019, so surely it will talk long and hard of who has already been baptized successor to the legendary McLaren F1.