McLaren buy the shares of Ron Dennis and restructures

we All know that Ron Dennis went out the back door of McLaren by the agreements with the investors. A person that like it or not was very representative, and also guilty of many of the successes of the team McLaren in F1. After his departure, soon the men that were at the right hand of Dennis were replaced and his replacement, Zak Brown, has been gaining power and reshaping the computer to generate a structure very different to what it was before McLaren. In fact, this change has made it possible for Alonso to compete in the Indy 500, something that Dennis would not have passed… and who knows if in LeMans next year.

well, up to the time, Dennis remained part of the company in any way, as I already had stock of it. But finally McLaren has purchased all the shares of Dennis, and is now fully divested from the group. Shaikh Mohammed bin Essa Al Khalifa, will be the executive director of the McLaren Group as a majority shareholder alongside Mansour Ojjeh (chief Executive Committee), and now all the actions are in the power of Mumtalakat and TAG. We already saw them in Indy to accompany Alonso and we will see how to take the reins from now on…

This does not affect the other posts, since Zak Brown nor Jonathan Neale, both remain as executive director and head of operations respetivamente. What it has affected is the structure of Woking, as McLaren Automotive, and McLaren Technology Group will be consolidated under one structure. Now the whole structure will be called the McLaren Group. With the new restructuring is expected to affect positively the business of McLaren with its business of luxury cars, and in addition in the competition.

In fact have already announced that they will come more interesting things, more toys for the fans of McLaren. By the way, the changes will not affect the current structure of the F1 or technology partnerships that McLaren already has with other companies that work closely together to technical developments. And Al Khalifa, has been reported it’s expected that the new stage of McLaren will be even more successful and with greater successes harvested by the mark in the 54-year-old dynamic and fascinating part of the history of the british brand.

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