McLaren calls for intervention of the FIA and Honda latest its agreement with Sauber


One of the commitments agreed by the FIA and the teams in 2016 was to do what is necessary to achieve a performance equal to motors. Since the commencement of the was hybrid in 2014, Mercedes has maintained a superiority in this respect that, according to the FIA, has been detrimental to the show.

Currently, perhaps only Ferrari is capable of standing up to the germans, but teams powered by Renault and Honda continue to have a deficit considerable. The plan of the FIA was to monitor the first three Large Prizes to establish a ranking of the performance of the engines as accurate as possible and to act from there.

Disputed these first three races, Eric Boullier has reminded the FIA that it is time to act for the good of the show. “I Think that would be fair and good for Formula 1, it would be more attractive to other builders of cars and engines, and for the fans, it would be much better because there would be competition closed on the track,”, ” said the Sporting Director of McLaren in a statement picked up by Autosport.

Eric Boullier, however, recognizes that it is not likely that there is a predisposition to it and that the rest of the teams do not make it easy. “I’m Not sure that at this moment someone wants to have more performance of the thruster unit, but I think it would be more fair for the F1 to be on equal terms. I’m not saying that there that help anyone to overcome to the best unit boosters, but yes to the margin of three tenths” said Boullier, who insisted that it would be a good thing for the category. “Would be any advantages, except because we are in a competitive world and I know a lot of people do not want us to succeed in this sense”.



on the other hand, Autosport also claims that Honda is about to announce an agreement to supply engines to Sauber from 2018, ending it with its traditional and long-lived agreement with Ferrari.

All this is in conflict with the intent of McLaren have Honda as a partner exclusive, at least until the japanese brand to offer a level similar to that of its competitors. Eric Boullier is aware that it is not something that can be delayed for more -after having banned Ron Dennis on 2015 an agreement with Red Bull – and acknowledges that McLaren will support the arrival of a second team if they provide assurances that the training based in Woking are not prejudiced. “I Think more teams is better, and more shooting is better. But there is a price to pay, that is to divert more resources to build more engines. Whatever happens, we are partners, so that there will come a time that you will come to the question of so to supply a second team and I think that we will support. But we want to ensure that it is not detrimental to our agreement,” said Boullier.