McLaren celebrates 50 years in F1 with an emotional video


Bruce McLaren took part in his first Grand Prix of Formula 1 on-board of a car designed by himself 50 years ago. had Already done it on other computers seven years before, but the Great Prize of Monaco of 1966 was one of the most important milestones in the history of the category, although I could not finish the race as a result of an oil leak.

Five decades later, the team currently based in Woking and led by Ron Dennis, has accumulated impressive statistics whose comparison is only Ferrari and Williams can resist. To celebrate, McLaren has made an emotional video in which remember the beginnings, the tragic death of Bruce McLaren and the golden age of the 80s, among other moments. Not to perdérselo.

Estadística Cifra
Great Prizes 785
Titles of pilots 12
Titles constructores 8
Victorias 182
Poles 155
Turns rápidas 153
Puntos 5.052,5
Kilometres in cabeza 50.381
Podios 485
Dobletes 47
Points per season 99,07
Miles recorridos 397.163
Motoristas 10
Pilotos 63