McLaren could be turning to a model with four squares

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When a brand becomes a reference in a segment to their managers, it takes a lot of work reconducirla to other segments. Proof of this are the big names in sports such as Ferrari, Porsche or McLaren. These brands have always focused its range of models in vehicles with two parking spaces to the maximum, and when you have decided to launch a product different, you have meditated up to satiety.

The clearest example is that of the Porsche Cayenne because the German firm did not expect that his success outside the that has been. Once they broke the ice launched with the Panamera and it was so good that once they were able to launched the Macan, a SUV smaller than the Cayenne. like Story is the one that has happened to Ferrari with his GTC4 Lusso, because it is not his first car four-seater and brought to the brand many hours of meditation before you launch it.

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A similar strategy is the one that might be thinking about McLaren. The English firm wants to expand its operations but to do so they need to stick their paws in other segments of the market. Now money moves in the of the SUVs, but the responsible of the English firm discarded to delve into this segment. In the past already had the McLaren F1 and its passenger compartment had room for three passengers, but from there to having an SUV is a big step.

These days it is celebrating the Auto show in Shanghai and Mike Flewitt, CEO of McLaren, has made some statements very curious. According to the manager, sees in the range of the manufacturer a four-seater vehicle, but what you don’t see are four doors. Therefore, taking into account your words because we can intuit that in the English house may be working to give you a rival in height to the Panamera and GTC4Lusso although with a more radical approach.

According to Flewitt are seeing that is what the market wants to see if the attributes of their cars may apply. While not achieving the McLaren of 4 seats and 2 doors will be on the study table.

Source – McLaren

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