McLaren denies the departure of Ron Dennis


Ron Dennis now 69 years old and, according to Autosport, will not renew his contract with McLaren Technology Group, which expires at the end of the year. Dennis began its relationship with McLaren in 1981, when he became the head of the team and, currently, is the Executive Director of the McLaren group, which includes McLaren Racing, McLaren Marketing and McLaren Applied Technologies, while McLaren Automotive operates independently.

Ron Dennis, who currently owns 25% of the shares, returned to become more involved in the division of Formula 1 in 2014, after being dismissed Martin Whitmarsh and confirmed the agreement with Honda for the supply of engines.

According to Autosport, a spokesman for McLaren has clarified that “Ron Dennis responded by stating categorically that he will not leave office. on the other hand, is hired as President and Ceo of McLaren Technology Group and retains a 25% stake in the group – exactly the same as that of Mansour Ojjeh”, furthermore specifying that “for many years, many decades in fact, the shareholders of McLaren have spoken about possible movements of capital and adjustments, and Ron and Mansour have always been the center of all these debates. This remains the case. Their recent conversations can be classified as ‘more of the same’. However, it would not be appropriate to disclose details of these conversations, which are private and confidential”.