McLaren does not want to let Honda supply another team

Fernando Alonso 2016McLaren wants the exclusivity of the Honda engine, and this may seem absurd seeing the performance and the reliability that it has had engine, japanese, but what is certain is that they know very well that Honda has taken a leap in quality huge compared to the past year and that without an exclusive partner, win world it is impossible to be a stable client that depends on a manufacturer. That’s why they do not see with good eyes that Honda negotiates with another team in F1 to supply engines.

This may well seem a handicap for the development of the power unit, since they provide other equipment means the double of data to compare and develop faster, not which now have only the data of two cars. Despite these difficulties, Honda has progressed tremendously in the past year, although it’s not noticeable on the track and now explain why. They also have quite a few tokens (which in 2017 will not be present as it is approved), the second team that has most after Renault, to continue to evolve the engine over the season and it is presumed that implement new technologies in Canada.

Eric Boullier McLaren HondaEric Boullier has expressed the tremendous work that they have done from Japan to progress with the power unit, leaving behind the disastrous, 2015, which not only resulted in the worst season the team from Woking, but also with a tension between the two partners that should not be present if they wanted to progress together and win championships, that is what it is in last place. Being out of the points and Q3, have gone to touch them and move on to Q3 in qualifying as in the GP of Spain.

But Eric Boullier has gone beyond that and has declared to the German magazine Speed Week: “Through a close study of the data, we see that we are now somewhere between Mercedes and Ferrari power. The progress clearly perceive the drivers and the track also can be seen all over the world, they see that we are stronger. So we are on the right path.“. The problem is that the last year especially was the reliability that would not let them deploy all the horses and this year is the power consumption that limits…

Now Honda has a different approach according to the head of McLaren, because rather than get it easy, the philosophy has changed and they are all working with greater speed, at full performance. He has also informed that the CEO and president of Honda, Takahiro Hachigo, will be present at the next Monaco GP. There they hope to get a good result if everything goes well. himself, Boullier has said that “it Is important that no team is left without engines. But in my opinion, there is no reason to say that Honda is capable of supplying engines to Sauber or Toro Rosso the next year, even talk of it in the press. This is not going to happen.”.