McLaren F1 GTR GTR vs P1: face to face Legend [Video]

McLaren has been out walking the two crown jewels of Woking, at McLaren F1 GTR at McLaren P1 GTR , leaving us with a nice pass video in which past and present dance hand, returning to the yellow track the green decoration and Harrods perfectly marinated with a delicious melody.

In total 28 McLaren F1 GTR were built between 1995 and 1997.

Ready to face to face with LaFerrari FXX K ready to offer customers a small group of an overwhelming experience as exclusive club of owners, McLaren P1 GTR has been tuned to offer power over 1,000 horses , losing on the road 50 kg and receiving a complete overhaul passing through a flanged shafts, Pirelli slicks, suspensions …

Its aerodynamics have also been extremely careful example is the huge rear spoiler starring her in the company of the diffuser and the heel or canards.

The McLaren F1 GTR Video finished 3rd in the 24 Hours of Le Mans 1995 . Currently belongs to David Clark , former sales director McLaren and has curiously been approved for use on public roads .

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