McLaren have a new sponsor, the watch brand Richard Mille

McLaren-Honda win sponsors, now joined by the signature of luxury watches Richard Mille Horometrie SA, replacing the gap left by the other signature watches that has gone to Red Bull, TAG Heurer. The agreement, which have been made by both parties extends by 10 years of sponsorship, that is to say, in the long term. In addition, they have confirmed that the presentation of the new MP4-31 will be Sunday, February 21st, just a day before the start of the preseason with eight days of tests held at the circuit of Barcelona.

Richard Mille will be with the Woking until 2026, it seems that the gears become to trust in the project McLaren-Honda after the disastrous 2015. Last year there was a stampede of sponsors who left McLaren after years of sponsorship. Although they have recovered any new as the signature of champagnes, are not sufficient and the monkey, as well as the car, they were pretty clean of markings.

Richard Mille con Jenson Button y Ron Dennis

Richard Mille, CEO of Richard Mille Horometrie SA, with Jenson Button and Ron Dennis

As is often the case, has held an event to announce the new sponsor, where both parties have given their opinions on the agreement. El executive director of Richard Mille has been shown proud start this long-term agreement with the british firm. And has commented that “is a brand that Is in racing for 50 years and their reputation for technical innovation fits perfectly with our philosophy. The opportunity to sponsor McLaren is very timely: we have evaluated the Formula 1 for several years, but this opportunity allows us to participate more directly in a big team.“.

Ron Dennis, for the part of McLaren, has also been pleased by the agreement, in an act that has also been present, the pilot Jenson Button. Dennis has commented that “I’ve been watching with admiration as Richard and his team have built this brand in the past 15 years. Sign this 10-year agreement underscores the shared belief of valuing the long-term agreements and the benefit that we can get together.“. We hope to continue the good news for McLaren-Honda…