McLaren have to hire 250 new workers to cope

Good news coming from Woking. McLaren will increase its workforce with 250 new workers and is the british firm has not only closed a year with important news, but also has been a record year in what sales are concerned.

This increase in demand has not only been evident in the hiring of new employees, also have opened twelve new points of sale in 2015.

McLaren has closed the year with 1.654 cars delivered in 30 different markets, and it seems that the demand goes beyond that, with special emphasis to the new range of products, the Sport Series, a range in which we find ourselves in the McLaren 570s and McLaren 540c.

we can’t lose sight of that throughout 2015 we have seen after the production of the McLaren P1, the arrival of the McLaren P1 GTR and the return of the “Long Tail” with a McLaren 675LT, which also is made convertible, as well as the development of the lower part of the range of the hands of the aforementioned McLaren 540C and McLaren 570S.

The necessity of an increase of the production is evident if, beyond meeting that second manufacturing shift, we find that the 250 new jobs 200 of them are going to be directly involved with the production while the other remaining 50 are split between quality control, with 30 new operators and logistics.