McLaren-Honda apure up to the test of the preseason to make their presentation

Fernando en el cockpit de su MP4-31

As I have already said on a few occasions, this is a time of rest for the fans and excitement to the once see new cars of the season 2017. And even more so when there are such dramatic changes for the season as is the case with cars much more aggressive and complex aerodynamically, and for me quite more beautiful than the current ones, despite what you say some, I do not understand why the changes of 2008 have liked…

we Already know that Renault will present its car 21 of February, being one of the first to do so, to not be ahead of any other team who do not yet know the official date of filing. Then it will be followed by Force India that it would be the day 22. The following is a Mercedes, having selected the 23rd and Ferrari on the 24th. The rest of the teams have yet to be pronounced.

Mercedes y Ferrari con ventaja

Sabians, for example, that Toro Rosso has already passed the crash test of the FIA, and that Red Bull apure until the last moment as always to indulge more of the design. McLaren could do the same that Red Bull and do the presentation right at the start of the test in Barcelona, although it might be possible to make a virtual presentation on the 19th day of February, although that kind of image is to be picked up with tweezers…

we will Go to collecting more data for the rest of the teams and we will be attentive to the latest developments. Another thing to keep in mind is that it could return a grid with 10 teams, since Manor danger. Looking for economic solutions and does not appear to have been found, have been given a week more to find a buyer, but the thing doesn’t paint very well. May they find the money they need and again have 11 teams on the grid.. .