McLaren-Honda has its prototype MP4-32 quite advanced

Ron Dennis y Fernando AlonsoMcLaren-Honda have had a year of 2015 fateful, with a 2016 no less complicated, although this year they have taken a great step forward, something that was not very complicated taking into account the performance that you showed in the last season, but seen from the point of view of technical work that had to be done yes, it has been a challenge and a great burden of work for technicians and engineers.

McLaren is one of the teams that have been voted in favor of the rules that the FIA has imposed in the next season to return to F1 much more rapid and more extreme, with cars more beautiful as in the past. Not all teams were in favour of this change, as Mercedes, who was reluctant to this change, but what is certain is that McLaren and Red Bull seemed more in favor than others.

honda-f1-yusuke-hasegawaRegardless of this, Ros Dennis has spoken on your score of the current season. The contractor has placed a five-team McLaren-Honda, because it has not wanted to suspend you, but not make more note to not be fast enough as I would like. They want to win races and they’re not winning, that’s why Dennis doesn’t seem right to put more in spite of the great effort made by both parties.

Also proposes that the new engine is already running on the test bench, therefore go with several months of advance with respect to the past year. The concept of the car is also very advanced and it says that are giving very good steps. Ensures that the cars will be between four and six seconds faster than this year’s and there pilots great marked difference in the present. Something that they want Alonso to sign off on it until 2020…