McLaren-Honda has not had Christmas holiday

alonso-mclaren-honda-mp4-30-gp-brasil-2015The problems suffered in 2015 and the advancement of calendar 2016 with regard to the dates of 2015 (the tests start on the 22 of February and the first GP will come the 20 of march) have been made that McLaren-Honda has little time to catch up. For this reason, the japanese from Honda have worked very hard and are still working to solve the problems of the engine and Woking have done the same thing this christmas to not be retarded.

Simon Roberts has been recognized that the MP4-31 still has to pass the crash tests of the FIA and who work on a piecework basis, and something more than that to be able to be in the pre-season test. They more than others have work to catch up for the problems of the past year and that is why there is not a minute to lose, not even the christmas holiday have been made to respect in the McLaren, on the contrary, it has been worked on even more.

Simon Roberts de McLarenSimon Roberts, operations director of McLaren-Honda, he has recognized that his problem is the same as that of all, since the calendar is the same for the rest of the teams, but they are in a situation more delicate “But the building program is at a critical moment, you need to pass all the safety tests of the FIA and be prepared for the first test, which is also moved forward. In that situation you can’t just re-plan it all, you need to do something different.”.

In simple terms, we put about eight shifts back to the program for a period of 5 days, a great effort. In total there were 110 people involved and we are looking for more workers for Christmas with a package competitive. We had a very good response and people seemed to enjoyed it also, was a little strange, not having all the time to rest, but there was a good spirit in the place. Everyone knew why I was doing it. Pleasingly this meant that once we return in the New Year, we are back in the schedule, and felt as if the program was always to the day. It was an incredible effort.“.