McLaren-Honda will be in the top 6 according to John Watson

John WatsonJohn Watson, a former F1 driver for McLaren, says that takes 12 months of delay for his shameful year 2015, of Woking what they know and have to react, of course, the technicians and engineers at Honda also and they are all working together tirelessly since England and Japan for the project to MP4-31 is a competitive car. However, since McLaren-Honda are cautious and do not want to commit the same mistake of the past year, raising the expectations too much.

John Watson subscribe to the words of Arai and ensures that should be comfortably in Q3, something that in the past year I resisted. In addition is confident that they can get a podium after what he qualifies as the year’s “embarrassing” for the McLaren-Honda. In fact, 2015 was the worst season for McLaren since the year 1980, where it soldiered on Watson, it would be his second year of the 6 that remained with the whole of the uk.

MCLAREN M30 de F1Watson has been unclear as to what you think the goal is to “to have both cars consistently in the Q3, finish regular races, that make consistently among the six first, that seek a place on the podium” as stated before the middle GPUpdate. From then improve what you have done in 2015 is easy, since the worst that 2015 is difficult and if it occurs it would be a total ruin for McLaren and Honda, with serious consequences.

Watson is not very good forecasting, which is autocorrige on the grounds that “Said that in 2015 they had to finish races, score points and maybe achieve a podium or two in 2016 a pair of wins and in 2017 be in a position to fight for the Championship of the World. Now have 12 months of delay in all the levels that I mentioned earlier, it is a massive shame, but I hope that I will manage to achieve something much better than what they got in 2015.“.