McLaren-Honda will spend at Sepang their last tokens


The last engine upgrade from Honda for this season 2016 is the fall, which will also be the last under the system of tokens before they have carte blanche in 2017. The manufacturer nippon account even with the three tokens available of the 32 that started the season, and after hiring seven during the summer break to improve the compressor and the internal combustion engine, both Honda as McLaren have already decided to where they want to use the last three: Sepang.

With this expenditure of tokens, which area to improve is yet to be determined, Honda will be the second engine manufacturer to consume their 32 tokens season after Ferrari. Mercedes still has six tokens, and Renault account with up to 18 for use in the last few races if they deem it appropriate, although both manufacturers, for various reasons, have an eye already in 2017.

Both Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button have already exceeded the limit of power units and engine parts to use this season, so that any additional changes will entail a penalty. In statements to Autosport, Yusuke Hasegawa, head of Hodna, explains that the goal of the team is to avoid at all costs a penalty in the Grand Prix of Japan, the home race for Honda, and therefore will face this change in Malaysia, a week before:

“we put in a new engine in Spa and at that time we were left with nine runs, so, we need to introduce a larger engine. If parties to nine races, you can do it in Malaysia, Japan or in the united States. We don’t want to have a sanction in Japan, and in Malaysia, it makes sense. Even what we are discussing in the team. I don’t think that the fans we cease to have a sanction in Japan. Don’t allow me to enter you in the loop!”.

Hasegawa does not rule out the possibility of introduce the improvement in only one of the two cars to keep one of their vehicles in a position that is less compromised in the output of Sepang: “That is another point that will be discussed. I don’t want both cars to be behind, from the point of view of the strategy of the race and the constructor. Maybe it will be better from the tactics to the cars”.

Also, do not rule out that the improvement may be used to other zone non-internal combustion, the great weakness of the engine is japanese, due to logistical issues: “May we enter in a different area, because once to change the combustion, it will cost us too much time setting, and we don’t want to put many resources into it this year. It may be a weight reduction or a cylinder block stronger, or other area that will give us more power”.