McLaren is associated with Volvo Trucks as a supplier of trucking and logistics

Volvo FM SeriesMcLaren Technology Group and Volvo Trucks have signed an agreement for four years. So the british will be supported by the Swedish group for the transport of all the material of the careers that you should move each race weekend in the Formula 1. On the whole, trucks are key in the European season, doing so Volvo is your official provider of transportation and logistics.

logistics is The key and they want to take a leap into a considerable improvement from the start of 2016. McLaren will have a fleet of trucks Volvo FH series with a engine of 13 litres and 540CV, the first to use dual-clutch I-Shift (in three different specifications in terms of height to adapt to the various logistic requirements of each GP) to move the necessary material in the old continent and will be supported by this group for the logistical issues. Not only is an agreement for the racing team, also for the hostpitality of the team Woking.

Jonathan Neale

Jonathan Neale, the new director of operations McLaren Technology Group has stated that they are not only looking for efficiency on the track, also off of it. That is why he has made the official statement rejoicing in the collaboration with Volvo Trucks, pioneers for their innovative solutions for the transport of heavy goods. It has highlighted what is important in the transport of goods in the F1 and the challenge that this poses for all of the necessary materials arrive on time and safe when it moves around the world.

Volvo has also wanted to show his gratitude by the agreement and its more than 80 years of experience, where they have earned a reputation, will be put to the service of McLaren. The first trucks of the fleet will be done in April, just like the collaboration logistics. Mike Corcoran, commercial director of Volvo Trucks Uk and Ireland is pleased with the agreement, as Tobias Dahlgren, director of strategy for the brand Volvo Trucks.