McLaren is ready to launch a new F1 in 2018

McLaren F1Few have forgotten the McLaren F1. It is one of those cars that are on your mind if you think of a pure sports, end, of those with what you have always dreamed of, and you wish you were right there waiting for you every time you go down to the garage. Your configuration of three seats, its aesthetics, aerodynamics, sound… Little more is there to add. Well, as the last report, the company in Woking you would be working in a new McLaren F1, a supercar that would come to market in 2018 and that it would be in that legendary F1 of the 90s.

The same source which ensures that the English company will resurrect the popular sports adds that in its development to engage the special division of the brand, the team of Special Operations McLaren. The production of the new F1 will be very exclusive, coming out of the factory a number of units that are too small. In addition, the price of this reinterpretation will be equal to or even more extreme than the own vehicle, talking to each other of about 2 million euros from initial price, the double a McLaren P1!

McLaren F1of course, and as it could not be otherwise, the passenger compartment would maintain that configuration of three seats so peculiar that premiered the McLaren F1. The body will use carbon fiber as a material star and its design is inspired by the aesthetics of the previous model. In the same way, would be all the elements and the technology that is currently the brand mounted to their sports, as well as the system Race Active Chassis Control of the firm.

The new McLaren F1 could reach the market equipped with a V8 engine of 3.8 liters and nothing more. With this I want to refer to that will not have any electric help, not being supported by engine power. With this mechanical eight-cylinder in V, the supercar will throw a few 700 horsepower with that would be able to pass of 320 km/h.

The new McLaren F1, with the code name internal BP23, would be available in 2018. Your production would be limited to 64 units, the same that were available for stepping on the street in the McLaren F1 that we all know.

Source – Carscoops