McLaren is working on a 675 LT Spider


The McLaren 675LT Spider prepares for its debut.

When McLaren decided to revive the Longtail with the 675LT reported that only build 500 units exclusive to the bodywork of the coupé. In fact this version was developed only for the 675, roof closed. However the pressure from customers and obviously good business expectations have made them change their mind.

The 500 copies of the McLaren 675LT sold out is a short time, while the manufacturer has received a large number of suggestions on a version of the open roof. “The 675LT was conceived as a Coupe, but we are receiving many queries on a secondary Spider that we are considering. ,” said a spokesman for the manufacturer.


The convertible will also feature a limited run

The Geneva motor show beginning of this year was the scenario chosen to debut the 675LT. This is a version of the well-known McLaren 650S that has been extended to increase the downforce, at the same time that increases the power of your V8 engine up to 675 HP and decreases weight (1.230 Kg) to be faster. Accelerates from 0 to 10 km/h in 2,9 seconds.

The 675 is the sporty McLaren propulsion hybrid more powerful that exists, the version Longtail is a clear homage to the F1 GTR Longtail. The benefits in the Spider should be similar to those of the coupe as it is expected that the increase in weight is a few 40 Kg approximate. It is not surprising that the sports with the body of the roof open will also be presented in Geneva and has a roll just as exclusive as all of the 500 units of the coupe.