McLaren latest his return with Mercedes: the keys of the operation


McLaren didn’t take it any more. The team uk has had enough of waiting for Honda reactions and statements of Zak Brown are no more than the finding of a reality: they are not willing to do more ridiculous.

For that, they have resumed the contacts with Mercedes, whose first calls occurred at the beginning of the year. The great goal of the team from Woking is to count as soon as possible with a power unit guarantees, at least, to fight for the ‘top 5’, and give an argument more and more Fernando Alonso to continue with them. The spaniard has made clear it does not want to keep fighting for the last positions, and if you have to leave Formula 1, will.

The legacy of Ron Dennis

As has been able to find that is, in McLaren have, since the month of February trying to reach an agreement with Mercedes. The response I have received is always the same: they must first break up with Honda, after communicating their intentions to the FIA, and finally reached an economic agreement with them. He warned them: have Mercedes engines is not going to cost cheap.

Ron Dennis left a contract shielded by Honda. Both the biker japanese as the own McLaren will pay for breaking the agreement before time. The penalty clause is so high that the team does not reach them the money to break up with them and, in parallel, to get Mercedes engines.

The GP of Hungary is the deadline to break up with Honda

The coffers of McLaren are not the ones that were, and have reached a point of no return. To not achieve good results, they do not get sponsors or good results that provides for the payment of the FOM. Again, not to have an income forces them to stretch to the maximum time limits with Honda so that the penalty for breaking the contract is less.

There are deadlines that have been raised in the McLaren: the GP of Hungary. The talks on the three bands (McLaren, Mercedes and Honda) are going to live frantic days, because in the team are aware of that already going very fair in time. They want the next season already boot with the new driver, and only want it to be Mercedes.

The future MCL33 (or as they call it) is still in its infancy, and its design will depend largely on what power unit will mount.