McLaren looking for the best simracer for your simulator


eSports are here to stay, all
levels. The number of players, fans, television platforms and
institutions that opt for e-sports has grown
exponentially in the last few years. This trend is repeated in the world of
the sports of the engine, with various initiatives such as the GT Academy. Now,
McLaren has taken the step to include this type of competitions in your program
with the launch of the contest ‘World’s Fastest Gamer’. The formation of Woking
looking for with this championship the best simracer in the world, pilot, virtual the that will a contract
of a year to work on the simulator team

McLaren has joined forces with Logitech, company of hardware and
peripherals, to launch this contest in which searches for the pilot virtual more
world’s fastest
. With the collaboration of Darren Cox, a pioneer in this type of
programs racing virtual, and partners including Givemesport or Sparco, the
Formula 1 team draws a championship unprecedented with a prize that is far from the
usual economic rewards that govern this type of championships. Not
however, the winner will have a one-year contract as a pilot simulator
and will work with the engineers in the Technology Center of McLaren.

In addition to working with the engineers of Woking, the winner
travel to the Great Prizes of Formula 1 with McLaren
and live each race
the calendar within the dynamic of the competition, as they can
do it Fernando Alonso and Stoffel Vandoorne. A unique opportunity, as
explains Zak Brown: “This is a great opportunity. it Is exciting, not
only for the gambling industry, but all at McLaren and in the
motorsports in general. We have been witnesses of the growth of the games
sports online
and at this point, the parallels between the real world and
the virtual are closer than ever before”.

The dynamics of ‘World’s Fastest Gamer’ is very simple, since each duel between the pilots will be able to follow through Youtube and other platforms as officers of the McLaren. A total of six simracer will be chosen by a committee of experts, while four other drivers virtual will come to the end through the various events qualifiers. The end of the contest promoted by McLaren will be held in the Technology Center of McLaren in the fall. It should be noted that this championship is not limited to one platform or game, and will be developed with different titles on PC, consoles and mobile devices.