McLaren M1B 1966: available one of the first models of Bruce McLaren


One of the first models that took the name of Bruce McLaren.

The McLaren M1B 1966 is considered one of the most successful models of Bruce McLaren, the base with which the own constructor and Chris Amon ruled with an iron hand the Can Am. Although this issue has not enjoyed those successes, can boast to have had a long life in the circuits, including these past few years racing vintage.

The M1B was the first evolution of the M1A, although his real name was simply M1, one of the first competition vehicles developed by Bruce McLaren. It was designed to participate in the tests of Group 7 of the FIA and had originally with an engine Oldsmobile V8 ready that quickly showed slower despite being lighter. Shortly after he was replaced by a larger engine Chevrolet V8, which is the one that mounts to this issue.

The M1B was more rigid and powerful than its predecessor, in addition to improved aerodynamics. Only were assemblies 28 copies of the M1B, the vast majority of them ended up in the united States as role models for clients, although this copy was sold originally in the United Kingdom.


Between to 275,000 and $ 325,000 estimated Gooding.

This M1B with chassis number 30-12 and its first owner was the british William Kay, that was done with two units. Time after the M1B 30-12 ended up in the united States, where among others was piloted by the famed Skip Barber. This competed in 3 races of the Can-Am, being a third-place at Watkins Glen his best result.

After his sports career official, the M1B 30-12 has not been destined to catch dust in a museum, but that has been conveniently kept, and is currently an avid runner in events classic, participating in a lot of different appointments and getting a respectable record of 13 wins class.

Now is available at the next auction event of Gooding and
to be held in Amelia Island, the date will be the next 10
march. The auction house estimated a value between 275,000 and
$ 325,000
. A price fair enough for a sport of this
achievements and calibre, ideal for the dating of classical.