McLaren makes official body Spider of your 570S

The manufacturer English McLaren is one of the most exclusive when creating their models. Unlike other firms of super sports does not have a range of models as such. Its business is based on the development, manufacture and sale of models that do not co-exist with other, or if they do it is for a short period of time. With this seek to have their models stand out among the competitors and remarquen the positioning that has the signature in the market: exclusivity and sportiness.

The McLaren 570S what we know in closed version, but now is when the English firm has decided to launch the version without a roof, Spider. The official presentation of model will take place the next 29th of June at the Festival of Speed of Goodwood. However, the makers of the brand have not been able to ride out the urge and have decided to to release the first official images of this super sports car without a roof.

with Respect to the 570S closed the main aesthetic element that changes is your roof (in addition to new colors for the bodywork and other alloy wheels of 19 and 20 inches). As explained in the brand, the McLaren 570S Spider employs the same system of folding roof mounted 650S Spider and 675LT Spider. The best thing of using this system is that it is developed of carbon fibre and therefore do not need to add reinforcements will be required in the structure of the model.

Thanks to the use of this technology the final weight of the McLaren 570S Spider only increases by a mere 50 kilos. Taking into account that is very limited this growth, its performance will not be affected. If you comply with the data which you have provided the brand, the step from 0 to 100 kilometers will be just like the closed version, that is to say, in 3.2 seconds. In addition, the maximum speed that you can reach the McLaren 570S Spider is 328 kilometers per hour or 315 if we are going with the sky as your ceiling.

mechanically McLaren 570S Spider mounts the same block gasoline biturbo configuration – V8 and 3.8-liter displacement of the variant closed. Your end power is 570 hp and delivers a maximum torque of 600 Nm that is transmitted to the ground thanks to a gearbox of cut-automatic, dual-clutch and 7 relationships.

When it is presented in an official manner, we have more data. For now what we know is that will cost approximately 188 thousand euros and that their production does not continue for a long time.

Source – McLaren

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