McLaren MP4-X the future of F1 under the vision of Woking

McLaren MP4-XMcLaren-Honda, as it already had been done by other teams like Mercedes, Red Bull or Ferrari, it has also wanted to present their prototype F1 for the future, the McLaren-Honda MP4-X. It is a single seater with a fairing on the tires to be more efficient aerodynamically, and with cockpit closed, as has been analysed in order to avoid accidents with the lived in the last few years in F1 with serious consequences for the drivers.

McLaren-Honda has gone above and beyond in its concept, and as announced Daily Star, the MP4-X could be driven through the brain of pilots thanks to a control electrodes which drive some actuators that are controlled by neuronal activity of the driver or by gestures. In addition to your the closed cockpit-style of the fighter planes presented a security much higher. The fairing of the tires would make the car more efficient, reducing the drag and therefore allowing higher top speed and lower consumption.

McLaren MP4-Xthe control by the brain seems crazy, but already have made great progress in this regard to the control of many devices with thought alone. In addition it is not very rare, there is nothing more to see the models OpenRC F1 printed with 3D printers or ROBORACE, this last project comes from the hand of the Formula E and try to race with autonomous cars as if on a Scalextric giant question.

John Allert, director of the McLaren group said that “With the futuristic McLaren MP4-X, we wanted to look to the future and imagine the art of the possible. We have combined a number of key ingredients to the Formula 1, as are the speed, excitement and performance, as well as booths closed in order to improve the safety of the driver and technologies of hybrid power.“.

McLaren-Honda MP4-X