McLaren MSO HS, 688 CV very special, with production limited to 25 units


With all the production of the McLaren 675LT exhausted virtually from its launch, the time has come for a model even more extreme and exclusive. This is the McLaren MSO HS, which is found officially after its first leaked images: created by the division McLaren Special Operations, you will need a limited production to only 25 units.

Each one of the McLaren MSO HS will be specially customized to suit the client. Based on the own McLaren 675LT, whose production was considerably more broad -thousand units in total, half for the coupe and many others for the convertible-the engine M838TL V8 of 3.8 liters and a supercharger twin-turbo reached here 688 CV, increasing their power in thirteen horses.

) HS are synonymous with ‘High Sport’, and if we leave aside the special McLaren P1 and any of its variants, we are looking at the model more sporty and oriented to circuit all of the current production of the Woking. Its aerodynamics is specific, being able to generate a downforce of 220 kg to 240 km/h, and includes an entry for ventilation in your roof.


Many of the elements present on the exterior of the McLaren MSO HS, are produced in carbon fiber, as for example the own roof, front bumper, side skirts and an adjustable rear spoiler of large size, reminiscent of the McLaren P1 GTR. Your sport exhaust titanium is also a novelty in this model.

The McLaren MSO HS will include serial telemetry system brand, allowing you to collect data to improve the quick turns in circuit, and is provided with a upholstery integral of Alcantara to its interior, although the leather will be available on request. Their seats bucket from the P1, and thanks to its carbon fibre structure, saving 15 kilograms of weight.

price of the McLaren MSO HS has not transcended, although it hardly matters: to good insurance will be very high, but that has not prevented each of the 25 units to be manufactured are already reserved in advance for customers of the brand. Knowing the predilection for numerous limited editions of its models, will this be the model that put the colophon to final to the ‘Sports Series’ of McLaren?