McLaren MSO X: genuine racing car approved for the street

The market for luxury sport-is full of oddities aimed to satisfy the whims of anyone with enough money to pay for them. This is engaged in the Special Operations division of McLaren and this time they bring us their latest MSO X. Some sports are designed to emulate the appearance of the cars racing GT4, but with all the papers in rule for driving on the street.

These two McLaren MSO X are based on the model 570S of the british home and have been the result of eight months of work. Its large rear spoiler provides 100 kg of additional downforce, while the rest of the package includes an air inlet in the ceiling, spoillers of greater size, an exhaust system made of titanium and MSO Super Sports tires Pirelli P Zero Corsa, and a bonnet style GT4 with air intakes that work in conjunction with the outlet on the ceiling.

The client sends, and they do

Various parts of the body of the MSO X have been replaced by pieces of carbon fiber with satin finish to reduce their weight, such as the roof, hood, side skirts and engine cover, as well as its rear bumper redesigned.

“customers come to us with their ideas and the Special Operations division works with them to establish the boundaries within which they can give free rein to their imagination”, said Jolyon Nash, executive director of global sales and marketing of McLaren Automotive. “What could be better than the actual buyer to play the role of ‘racing engineer’, say your wishes to the MSO and will be ordered to try out and validate their ideas to create your race car?”

it Looks like a GT4 and practically, what is

The interior of the McLaren MSO X has a minimalist approach, such as racing cars GT4. Parts of the chassis Monocell 2 of carbon fiber are to the eye and has the buckets, the mouldings and the centre tunnel of the same material. In addition, it has a storage space specific to a helmet of competition.

“The objective of this project is to have a car for serious racing you can drive on the road and call the attention as a GT4”, said the head of sales of McLaren Newport Beach, Pietro Frigerio. The two McLaren’s MSO-X has been screened at a special event for clients in Las Vegas. Don’t miss another of the creations of the Special Operations division: the McLaren 570GT XP Green.

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