McLaren opens a new factory of racks of carbon in Sheffield


The new production centre for McLaren in Great Britain.

the infrastructure of The McLaren Group will increase thanks to the opening of new installations in Uk, who will be in the near future of the manufacture of the racks-carbon-fibre monocoque that it used all the models of street that are in the catalog of the brand.

These facilities are near the university of Sheffield, which makes partner of the project in conjunction with McLaren. These are therefore the first facilities built outside of the complex ‘ McLaren Campus,” but they are all an investment for the future, as it will help the brand to save about 10 million pounds annually.

Currently all racks of carbon fiber – for models of street – are manufactured by an external company in Austria and imported to England. , where occurs the process of assembly. Thanks to the new facilities, will no longer have to outsource this service and therefore, you save on the cost of production.


Inauguration of the new facilities.

The project has cost a total of 50 million pounds, and has been funded in part by McLaren, and in part by its partners in the project. This is located very near the Research Center of Manufacturing of the University of Sheffield, so that the synergies with the students is assured.

In principle, the first frame will leave these facilities during the second half of this year, although will be allocated to assessment work. The regular production frames are expected to be active by the year 2020, which means that the current models of the brand will continue with the scenes created in Austria.

This is another of the great projects that McLaren is developing with
other partners
. Few days ago we knew that the manufacturer
the british had allied with other companies and institutions, among
them BMW, for the development of its new generation of engines.