McLaren P1 Carbon Series, more exclusivity-based carbon fiber


The McLaren P1 is one of the current sports that are more exclusive that exist, however there will always be want to want even more and, obviously, would allow. The british firm has proposed to take a leap further and provide the new termination Carbon Series to every one that the P1 does not seem sufficiently ostentatious or flashy.

Only have been produced five units McLaren P1 Carbon Series, all of them were first acquired by their relevant owners and then returned to the headquarters in Woking McLaren to suffer the process of change of look by a new one in which the carbon fiber it is undisputed protagonist


All the body panels have been replaced by the desired material which evidently have not been painted for look of carbon in all its corners. Although the note of color is given by the multiple details in red as the inside of the tires, mirror housings, side skirts, air inlets on the hood, diffuser and a long etc…

In the cockpit their owners are an absolute continuity with the exterior: carbon fiber is trickling inserted on the steering wheel, central console, dashboard, interior panels and even the coating inside of the pillars A. Low diversity of materials we find outside the carbon mate, alcantara upholstery and contrasting details with the same shade of red from the outside as the frames of the air outlets, push-button panel of the center console, dashboard and safety belts.


The changes are purely cosmetic, so your heart hybrid continue pumping to 916 CV maximum power capable of reaching 100 km/h from standstill in just 2.8 seconds, 200 km/h in 6,8 sec, 300 km/h in 16,5 sec and continue to accelerate until you reach the 350 km/h maximum.

has Not transcended if the weight has been reduced thanks to the replacement of all your panels, and therefore their performances have improved, however what we know is that its price rises greatly in these special editions and that P1, whose production was limited to only 375 units, already had a sale price impossible to reach for most mortals.