McLaren P15: filtration of the future hypercar british destronará the P1

McLaren P15 2018 already looms on the horizon. A leak from inside the british brand has confirmed the development of street car is more radical that have been manufactured ever. With his increase of power with respect to the P1 and the thorough optimization for reducing your weight expect no less from this supercar.

According to the filtration is made at a specialized british, for the design of the McLaren P15 priority has been given to his agility in the circuit above any other factor. Hence, your weight is just about 1,300 kg based remove almost all of the items intended for the convenience or connectivity. With this you have achieved your new creation to weigh 247 kg less than its predecessor, so bearing in mind that the P1 takes 2.8 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h and its maximum speed is 350 km/h, you can include up to where you can get the McLaren P15.

the secrets of The McLaren P15

McLaren has not confirmed yet who is working in the P15, but in the information obtained from some of his operatives already reveal very precise data. The first of these is that the weight reduction is also due to the new platform Monocage II carbon fiber, which has been built of a single piece. It is also known that will use the same V8 engine of the McLaren P1 with a displacement of 3.8 liters and twin-turbo, that will be modified to yield 800 HP. Both the block and the cylinder head are made of aluminum (something that also benefits the weight of the assembly) and will be associated to an automatic gearbox seven gears.

What is not yet known is the combined power that will take this hypercar with the electric motor. In the case of the McLaren P1 are 737 HP engine combustion 179 HP electric for a total of 916 HP. For the McLaren P15 it is expected that the sum of the two motors reach the 1,000 HP, that for the first time could be shared between the two axes. As revealed a few weeks ago, McLaren raises be passed on to the all-wheel drive, using the heat engine to the rear axle and the electric for the front.

The name “McLaren P15” is just the nomenclature internal of the house and it is not yet known what will be its definitive name when it is released to the market in 2018. What is known is that only will be produced in 500 units and that each will have a price of 950.000 euros tax included. Similar to the one that had the P1 on its launch.

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