McLaren prepares a 570GT four-seater


McLaren prepares a 570 four-seater

To our writing comes a new set of spy photos. This is the first time that he has photographed a new version of the McLaren 570S that will come next year. We refer to the so-called McLaren 570GT -name yet to be confirmed-, a variant four-seater of the well-known british sports.

Has four squares in the configuration 2+2

According to our sources, before the arrival of the McLaren 570 Spider in 2017 would enjoy a new model based on the 570S. The mystery has already been revealed with the discovery of this prototype. It has an aerodynamic different thanks to a new roof whose fall is now fully extends until the end of the rear with a glazed surface of a larger size. In the same way the rear window modifies subtly its design.

it Appears that the new changes are the result of having modified the car, so they have found the hole enough to install a second row of seats and reduced dimensions. The interior of configuration 2+2 approach similar to that choose other sports as is the case with the Lotus Evora or Porsche 911, the main rival for the McLaren 570.


These are the differences between the McLaren 570S (above) and the 570GT (below)

Our photographer points out that the own Chris Goowin, Chief Engineer and Test Pilot of McLaren, is the driver behind the wheel of the prototype. He also mentions that the model of tires that equips have not been seen in the configurator of the sport, which suggests to us that the 570GT possess certain exclusives to be differentiated.

Recall that the 570S has a propeller V8 biturbo 3.8-liter of the house that provides 562 HP and 600 Nm maximum bound to an SSG transmission of seven relations, which allows it to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.2 seconds and circular speeds of up to 328 km/h.