McLaren reached the figure of 10,000 sports manufactured

McLaren 10.000 unidades

McLaren Automotive is a brand that is young, in fact has little more than five years in their history. It was back in 2010 when it established this manufacturer on the sidelines of the Formula 1. The first vehicle to leave the factory in Woking was the McLaren MP4-12C in July 2011, only 14 months after the creation. Since then it has rained a lot and now the british brand is celebrating be built its unit number to 10,000.

The unit that marks the milestone has been the McLaren 570S in gray Ceramic Grey that we see in the images. It may seem little in comparison to other brands that have sales in the millions, but do not forget that McLaren makes sports passionate and exclusive. Even so, they are growing at a good pace, since it took 42 months to reach the 5,000 units and only has taken them 22 months to manufacture the 5,000 following.

McLaren 10.000 unidades

To the beginning of the year the plant of Woking added a second shift of production and have managed to double the production. The 750 workers now produce 20 vehicles a day, when before it remained at 10 cars. Part of blame is the high demand of the models of the Sport Series, the more affordable and more sales accumulate. Among them are the 540C, 570S and the 570GT (the more recent and luxurious).

the rest of the range is dealt in Super Series, which is formed by the 650S and 675LT, and the above would be the Ultimate Series, where would be the exclusive P1 and P1 GTR. This range extension has been done in 2016 sales to grow to 3,000 units. It is an important leap considering that in 2015 sold 1.654 units, almost half. Currently over 90% of vehicles produced are exported out of the uk market.

Source – McLaren