McLaren sacrificed Christmas to make your car 2016


Photo: McLaren

The first sketches calendar from the FIA were the start of the season 2016 in April, with the pre-season test in march. McLaren planned the manufacturing of his car on the basis of this first calendar, but the governing body changed the dates and the team british felt that the time was put on top. So what explains Simon Roberts, director of operations of the historic team, in the web McLaren: “¬°Our construction programme I didn’t have that planned! So we knew that we had a problem to solve. In terms of our ability of design and engineering, it was a reframing relatively easy: less time to do the job, so everyone had to work a little harder”.

however, at that time the situation of McLaren was not the best: “Our construction program was in a critical path. I needed to pass all the safety tests of the FIA and be ready for the first test, which had gone on ahead. In that situation, you can’t just go back to plan, but you have to do something different,”. The solution, finally, passed by the sacrifice feasts christmas: “In simple terms, we set up eight turns of work for a period of five days. There were about 110 people participating, and we take care of our workers during the Christmas. We had a great response, and people seemed to enjoy it also. We didn’t have all the time, but there was a great atmosphere in the place. They all knew what it meant, what they were haciendo”.

“The most enjoyable was that when we returned in the new year, we were already on the planned dates, and we felt that the issues of program had been overcome. It was an incredible effort”. Despite that critical situation, McLaren will unveil the car in 2016 on the 21st of February, a day before the movers come on in the Circuit de Catalunya and start the pre-season. Other teams, like Sauber, could not save the calendar change, and will have to wait until the second week of testing for your new car see the light.