McLaren shows us his new official t-shirt of 2016

Button nueva camiseta McLaren-Honda 2016McLaren does not yet have a date for the presentation of its new car 2016, the MP4-31, unless it has been officially announced. But what I do have left to see in an advertising spot is a new t-shirt that could be the official 2016. The protagonist is chosen for the advertisement has been the pilot Jenson Button, who appears with this new kit, with the colors that McLaren-Honda has and leaving behind the smooth white of 2015.

The spot corresponds to the division of English of the Banco Santander in the Button looks a new t-shirt with white and black colors with a new layout and a blurring reminiscent of the color currently being used by McLaren-Honda on your car. The overalls of the pilots and the mechanics we don’t yet know whether it will be white or whether they may also change, but this new t-shirt could be the feel and look of the corporate members of Woking in 2016.

Camiseta McLaren-Honda 2015The t-shirt, as you can see is white background, with a crew neck in red and a blur of black that becomes grey on the chest, something that reminds a lot of the decoration with which the McLaren-Honda MP4-30 ended last season after having started the championship with the classic colors of silver-era Mercedes. Remember that the previous official t-shirt was completely white and just kept the black on the shoulders and sleeves.

Now has also changed the layout of the logos of the sponsors, with Honda and Mobil 1 as main sponsors by staying in the front of the shirt. In contrast, other sponsors such as SAP, Pirelli and Sagafredo have now been moved to the sides of the shirt. Everything seems to indicate that McLaren renews its merchandising, which for the moment have not changed in their official web page, keeping the designs of the past year with discounts of up to 80% (what settlement?).