McLaren Spaniard Edition: the spaniards who work in Woking

In the race we can see some Spanish working in the paddock with some teams. And despite of what may seem, in Woking, home of McLaren, the Spanish are very present. Perhaps you do not speak too much of them, and perhaps they are in a second plane, but, without a doubt are very important to the team and perform works of the most varied within the teams in which they work. Specifically in McLaren work a good handful of them…

When Fernando Alonso has attended the first boot of the McLaren MCL33 with the Renault engine and has seen it for the first time, Alonso has not only taken the opportunity to work on the simulator computer and perform some works, among them made the new seat and others, but also wanted to thank all of you who are in the factory and you do not see every weekend in the race for their hard work that makes the car better. And among them the spaniards that work there, which has made the picture that heads this article.

In the photo you can see left to right Ivan Roldan, Albert Illera, Borja Ballester, Pedro, Fernando, Gaizka, Ruben and Javier. And these are not all the spaniards involved in the project. In addition, as I say, each one has a outstanding motley crew. For example, among the Spanish there are data analysts and also aerodinamistas, as is the case of the first three: Ivan Roldan, Albert Illera and Borja Ballester.

yes, Well, it turns out that next to the guru Peter Prodromou work elbow with elbow also some Spanish to make the aerodynamics of the MCL33 is impeccable. So none of you think that the spaniards did not abound in a top category like F1 because there is more than we know, and that’s not counting others that are in other teams or that there was in the now defunct team HRT… what times are those in which we had even a computer!

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