McLaren speaks of his future: 15 new models, hybrids and 5,000 units per year


The future of McLaren will go for 15 new models and hybrid versions

Mike Flewitt, CEO of McLaren Automotive, talks to us about the ambitious growth plan that will run from now your brand. We talk about McLaren, a small manufacturer of sporting that long ago, as had barely any cars on the streets. Since it began its adventure in 2009, the empreda has already sold more than 8,000 vehicles and its goal is to produce 5,000 units a year.

As you have seen, his ambition is huge but at McLaren are very clear that they can reach this figure in 2022 approximately. The past year of 2015 sold 1.654 units, this year, they expect to almost double this figure, reaching the 3,000 approximately and plan to continue to grow until you reach the 5,000 units a year, a number that will hardly be surpassed of is self-imposed because they want to continue to be possessing a exclusive product and the capacity of its current plant of Woking just be able to surpass this beautiful figure.


All McLaren will be a two-seater and mid-engine

Nothing of four-seat sedans or SUVs

Their tools for the achievement of such milestone are a million pounds, some 1.65 million euros, to to invest in R & D until 2022 with which, among other strategic lines they plan to launch 15 new models. All of them two-seater, mid-engine and chassis of carbon fiber, so that do not think that there will be a saloon or a SUV. Until now, the sporty McLaren more familiar that there is the spectacular 570GT.

Part of the investment will go to new new generation of propellers eight-cylinder that will continue to present in the offer of sports. However, in the fight of the emissions not have more remedy that to incorporate to their range new sports hybrid, which shall have a configuration and platform are unique, a different concept of who will take the inheritance of the incredible McLaren P1.


Your goal is to grow to produce about 5,000 units per year

The new McLaren hybrid will not be plug-in because its task is superbly resolved without possessing this ability. On the other hand, Flewitt has not wanted to drop a garment on the combustion engine used in this new hybrid configuration but the rumors point with decision to a block V6 turbocharged new development. Anything to reduce emissions. Currently the Sport Series issued a few 250 g/km of CO2, its goal is to reduce this number to half by 2025.

The number of dealers will also grow to be a little closer to your potential customers. Currently comprises a total of 82, his plan is to increase this number up to reach 100 points, which they estimate as a right number to before 2022.