McLaren sunken: TAG Heuer joins Santander, SAP and Johnnie Walker

Ron Dennis y CEO de ChandonMcLaren-Honda are going through a crisis in all senses, we may speak of a total crisis. The economy of the team of Woking does not pass through its best moment, season 2015 has been the worst in history and the past 2014 was not the best, on the contrary. The lack of performance and reliability shown by its alliance with Honda has left them poorly positioned in all the senses, and are the japanese that they are providing money for the team to keep.

Some relevant technical have left the team, some are thinking about leaving him, and that it is not good to face the future work. The situation of the team is critical and it is a shame to see a team historic as well. Two champions of the world and everything that McLaren and Honda mean within the world of the engine seem to be demolished. It should recover soon from this situation so critical and that’s going to get good results for everything else to come shot.

Chandon morro del McLarenThe bad results made Santander abandon sponsorship of the team at the beginning of 2015. Bank he joined SAP, the firm that sponsors the team british also decided to cease its investment as a sponsor of McLaren and the left trailing arm. Two important sources of income disappeared at the worst time. Now, Johnnie Walker also will be heading to Force India after his agreement with Aston Martin, something that will occur at the end of this season.

And are not the only ones, the last hour indicates that TAG Heuer also will march with the aim of Red Bull. Jean Claude Biver, director of TAG Heuer, said the swiss daily L Hebdo: “We have signed for Red Bull Racing in F1 for next season. It is a young team, dynamic and perfectly consistent with the strategy of TAG Heuer.“. Many millions have been lost along the way in a single year, when it is most needed… Chandon comes to fill the gap of Johnnie Walker, but what about the rest?