McLaren, surprised by the breakage of the Honda engine


Fernando Alonso had to settle with 29 laps at the Catalan track in Montmeló after suffering a failure in the oil system in the back of the installation first thing in the morning.

to try To take advantage of something the day, McLaren and Honda decided to change the engine in order not to lose time searching for the cause of the fault and the Spanish rider was able to return to the track after four in the afternoon, by doing a few runs with soft tyres and superblandos.

Eric Boullier, sports official of McLaren, acknowledged that the breakdown was a surprise, because in the previous day -during the filming day– there were no issues outstanding. “we Had a problem with the oil system and that is what we know for now. Honda is investigating and will wait for you to tell us what happened. It is disappointing because yesterday we had a day of recording, we did 100 miles and everything was more or less okay, so this morning caught us by surprise the problem”, said the French press has moved to Barcelona.

Boullier acknowledged that Fernando Alonso was not precisely happy in the morning, but it is sure that you understand the situation. “Alonso knows what happens minute to minute. Was not very happy this morning, but he was also here yesterday afternoon, piloted the car and had a first contact with him”.

Mandatory to recover the lost time

that is what I think of Fernando Alonso, who at the end of the day expressed the need to recover from a bad first day as that suffered by McLaren-Honda. The Spanish could only provide 29 turns on the circuit and believes the team must focus on “retrieve time”, for what you have “four days for a pilot before the start of the championship”.


Alonso admits that they are “disappointed not to be able to roll the first day”, stressing that we are “three days to prepare for the championship. It is not the ideal situation, but it is. I think that it is very important this year with the new regulations and tires. A lot of information that we have to get in a short time: three days in my case”.

“I adapt faster than anyone else and do it again”

Alonso stresses that this is not only to evolve the technical part, but also to learn where the limits are with the new cars, although the experience will allow you to recover. “is Not a problem, I am lucky enough as to have experience and find the limits very fast, it has been so for my entire life, I adapt more quickly to the car than anyone else and I will also do this year”.

Finally Alonso wanted to play down important to the fault, commenting that “it’s a nice temptation for you to maximize the problems because it is interesting and the media will not be able to roll the first day, after two years of complicated”.