McLaren thinks a hiperdeportivo power of the category of P1


The McLaren P1 is a hiperdeportivo hybrid that exceeds one million euros

The limited production of the McLaren P1 ended a few months ago in December of last year, only a limited print run of 375 units the spectacular hipderdeportivo hybrid were designed and subsequently placed at a price surpassed the one million euros. Now McLaren already looking for a new flagship to its brand and this will give a new step to be a vehicle 100% electric.

This new hiperdeportivo will not come soon, it is speculated that it will take about seven years to be submitted. But, I do not worry about your electrical mechanics since it will be a vehicle whose benefits will be in line with what is expected of him.


it Will be faster than a McLaren 675LT accelerating (0 to 100 km/h in 2,9 sec) but it will do so without emitting a gram of CO2 to the environment, and their price does not have to get necessarily one million euros. It may possibly be more accessible than it was a P1, into what we understand by accessibility in those price ranges. But also you will enjoy a limited production and exclusive that sure will not have problems in giving output.

The vehicle will be especially focused on its performance on the track although you will have some limitations due to the nature of its propellant 100% electric. The source suggests that you can devour the curves during 30 minutes, needing to “rest” for another 30 to go back to it again. You can also re – the electric world’s fastest to exceed the 320 km/h of maximum speed.


In Geneva, we met the plan Track22 McLaren in which the firm was committed to for the year 2022, half of their vehicles would possess some type of electrification, either hybrid or electric. The company knows that the future is in this type of vehicle both by the pressures of the environmental laws as the benefits that they are able to offer electric motors.

Although in the McLaren know that all electric vehicle is facing the great problem of the weight. The manufacturer of sports you need to use a construction based on light weight materials and push the weight of each component to the maximum in order to compensate the remarkable increase that accompanies the battery packs, without them you should be noticeably lighter than a P1.