McLaren to debut new V8 engine of 4.0 liters and 720 HP in the 720S


New teaser of the model, showing the area of the engine.

The new McLaren 720S to debut the new engine of the british brand, named M840T, with 4 litre displacement and twin-turbo. This will replace the current V8 of 3.8 liters which employs the full range of the division of sports of the street of the factory in Woking and was named M838T.

The engine used up to now developed a new range of powers among the 540 HP 540C to the 737 CV of P1, with the exception of the 500 HP 12C’s specifications GT3. The new M840T debuts with 720 horses, very close to the power of the combustion engine of the P1 hybrid.

According to the british firm, the new McLaren 720S will be able to accelerate to 200 km/h in just 7.8 seconds, the time that require many coupes in reaching the 100 km/h, and it only takes 10.3 seconds to complete the quarter mile.


Chassis of the new McLaren 720S.

In the latest teaser released of the brand we discovered how to turn on a red light in the engine bay when the customer starts the vehicle. Depending on the image, you can appreciate the shade of red from what we understand that is a small grid located between the seats.

The new 720S will be the first model of the new generation of the Super Series of the McLaren, that was born in 2011 with the MP4-12C, and will be presented in a few days at the Geneva motor show 2017.

These last days, we have attended quite a few news of the signing,
thanks to the announcement of a new project in which McLaren collaborates with
other companies, like BMW, to the development of the future generation of engines which will use the british firm. In addition, we premiered the new factory of racks of carbon fiber in Sheffield, near the
University of Sheffield
, a partner of McLaren in this project.