McLaren to win the title of the Blancpain Endurance Cup


Garage 59 and the McLaren 650S GT3 #58 are the new champions
the Endurance Cup
of the Blancpain GT Series after a chaotic 3 Hours of
Nürburgring in the that despite not scoring they have managed to take the title.
In this way,
Rob Bell, Like Ledogar and Shane Van Gisbergen have been raised with
the title
despite the absence of the pilot new zealand in this test. A
point of the title has run the Mercedes-AMG GT3 #84 after not being able to step on the
podium in
a race that has been won by the Lamborghini Hurricane GT3 #16
Ineichen, Engelhart and Bortolotti

Nürburgring does not forgive and in the same output several candidates for the title was a good scare for the accidents that are lived around them. Maxime Soulet dodged with many hardships the touch of the Aston Martin #44 with two other pilots, while the Mclaren 650S GT3 #58 lived within inches of the accident of your companion box, as Andrew Watson had with the McLaren #59 against the protections. Although the Safety Car made act of presence for two separate mishaps, Bortolotti managed to place moments before his Lamborghini in second position after overtaking the Audi #28 Will Stevens.

The end, the output left as the leader Lamborghini #16, while the Mercedes #84 Baumann lost a position with the Nissan #23, piloted in the first part of the race for Lucas Ordoñez. On the contrary, the Bentley #8 managed to climb to the ninth position, while the McLaren #58 stood at the fifteenth position. However, the nervousness in Rob Bell became obvious shortly after in the two-maneuvers consecutive caused the tops of the Audi #25 Lamborghini #101, what to the dessert was a Drive Through despite being the candidate for the title with a better rhythm.


Also the Mercedes #84 was causing the spin of the Ferrari #53 after a touch, but this maneuver prior to the first pit stop did not imply sanction. Yes that left changes among the favorites for the first change of drivers because the McLaren #58 I had to pass two times through the pitlane for his penalty, which made him fall to the twentieth position. With Duncan Tappy behind the wheel, the McLaren was in the wake of the BMW M6 #99 Alexander Sims. All in all, at that point of the race, McLaren held the title despite being twenty all time the Bentley #8 did not reach the seventh position.

The Mercedes #85 beat with violence at the McLaren #58 on the first curve, which obliged him to pass by the pits, leaving their options limited to the final position of the Mercedes-AMG #84 -room at that time – and Bentley #8, that the hand of Wolfgang Reip was occupying the eighth position. A position that however did not last too much for the Bentley, as the lack of pace and fight in a group formed by five cars we did lose four positions to Reip before the last pit stops.

With one hour ahead, the Endurance Cup, more than ever, I decided to sprint. Got more complex the resolution of the championship the accident of the Lamborghini #101 in the lower part of the circuit, as Race Direction instauraba a period of ‘Full Course Yellow’ in the first instance, to finally give way to a Safety Car. This left a race to 32 minutes for the repair of the protections of the Hurricane #16 in head. In a key championship the Mercedes #84 was maintained fourth, Andy Soucek with the Bentley #8 decimorprimero and the BMW #99 in the twelfth position after a great comeback.


On the restart, and with the large number of bent interspersed each curve turned into something very complicated. Nicky Catsburg managed to gain three positions, with the BMW #99 leaving Andy Soucek in the same eleventh position. However, the title, the victory and the fight for the podium came down to a battle between the top four all time, the Audi #1 attacked the leadership of Christian Engelhart and his Lamborghini, , while the Mercedes #84 I just needed to climb to the third position -in the possession of the Nissan #23 – to be able to become champion.

Neither one thing nor the other is produced in the final straight and the Lamborghini Huracán GT3 #19, Beretta, Piccini, and Stolz was taken up with the victory at the Nürburgring. More important was the resolution of the Endurance Cup in terms of the less curious since the McLaren 650S GT3 #58 was the title. In addition, by not scoring at the Nürburgring, the absence of one of their common drivers not gained importance and Rob Bell, Like Ledogar and Shane Van Gisbergen proclaiming themselves champions to overcome a point to the trio of pilots of the Mercedes-AMG GT3 #84 formed by Jazeman Jaafar, Dominik Baumann and Maximilian Buhk.

In terms of the 3 Hours of the Nürburgring, the Audi R8 LMS
#28 scored the second place thanks to the great work of Launres Vanthoor,
they fought until the last moment with the leader for the victory.
Third party for
his part was the Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 #23 Lucas Ordonez, Alex Buncombe and Mitsunori
, only joy for the Spanish motorsport after seeing as the Bentley
#8 of Andy Soucek fell in the final straight of the race until the 19th place. With
all, not only there was a party in the team McLaren Garage 59 as
Kessel Racing scored the brace of titles in the Pro-AM Cup and in the AM Cup with the Ferrari #11 of Broniszewski, Bonacini and Rizolli and with the Ferrari #888 Zanuttini, Gitin and Talbot.

Classification 3 Hours Nürburgring of the Blancpain GT

Position Pilots Car Time
1 Ineichen / Engelhart / Bortolotti Lamborghini Hurricane GT3 GRT Grasser 85 laps
2nd Vervisch / Vanthoor / Vanthoor Audi R8 LMS Team WRT +0.351
3rd Ordonez / Takaboshi / Buncombe Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 Nissan GT Academy +1.997
4th Jaafar / Baumann / Buhk
Mercedes-AMG GT3 HTP Motorsport +15.307
5th Mattschull / Parrow / Keilwitz Ferrari 458 Italia GT3 Black Pearl +39.288
6th Beretta / Piccini / Stolz Lamborghini Huracán GT3 GRT Grasser +39.934
7th Hirschi / Klien / Siedler Jaguar XK GT3 Emil Frey Racing +43.269
8th Leonard / Meadows / Frijns Audi R8 LMS Team WRT +44.150
9th Kane / April / Smith Bentley Continental GT3 Bentley M-Sport +44.612
10th Eng / Sims / Catsburg BMW M6 GT3 Rowe Racing +48.433