McLaren will design lightweight wheels inspired by the “roots” of the trees

McLaren 675LT Spider - llanta

The rim of a McLarne 675LT Spider in ‘Fistral Blue’ to detail.

Recently Frank Stephenson, Design Director McLaren, has been in Melbourne (Australia), at the opening of a new official dealer of McLaren and there, has made some interesting statements to several local media and that provides us with juicy details about the new developments that are coming, and that directly affect the department he leads.

In particular, Stephenson has given some details about the new generation of tires is working on McLaren. And is that a brand like McLaren cannot afford to fall behind in a segment as elitist. It is for this reason that you continue researching and working on new and innovative solutions that we will see in the future supercars that will launch to the market. And, as we say, we talk about the next tire that will hit the market.

During his short stay in Australia, the Design Director of McLaren spoke about the future of the tires of cars. Wheels that, in your opinion, should not have necessarily all of its spokes in the position to regulate and matched. What is more, to Frank Stephenson, the future wheels McLaren would be inspired by the roots of trees. Although it may seem very futuristic or that we will see a McLaren riding wheels made of wood, it will not be so.

McLaren 570GT

McLaren 570GT and elegant wheels.

Stephenson points out that the radii of the tire of the future may have an irregular shape arranged in all directions and in different angles. With this innovative design, you could create wheels lighter because the radios could be much thinner and more efficient. However, the fact that only a few wheels lighter will not be the only benefit that would have.

And is that Frank Stephenson has commented that having spokes arranged in numerous directions, in the case of an impact could dissipate in a better way the force avoid, well, all it is transferred directly to the center of the wheel as happens with the tires of today. Although he has not commented on when we will see these rims on the market, the Design Director of McLaren points out that it will not take long to see them.