McLaren will never build a SUV… unless you have enough money for

McLaren is a company that has just launched a new line of sports and supercars. The MP4-12C was launched in 2012, and the range is already composed of several vehicles, in addition to a hiperdeportivo able to fight with the best of the international competition, the bestial P1 hybrid. Of course, is not a company oblivious to the rumors of release of a SUV, because every car manufacturer to produce a SUV today. In McLaren would produce a SUV… but under certain very strict conditions.

McLaren has only returned to produce for road cars from the year 2012, with the MP4-12C.

The head of development of the brand of Woking has admitted that it is not in the plans of the brand the construction of a SUV. However, your division MSO – McLaren Special Operations – is an expert body and on the paper has the means and technical capabilities to build a SUV. They know that the development of a SUV would be a project of a millionaire, with an investment of millions and millions of pounds sterling. But they would be dispuestos to produce a one-off if there is someone willing to make the huge payout.


Speaking from a theoretical point of view, would be capable of produce a new carbon-fibre monocoque as a basis, as well as new subframe to install the engine in the front. In short, what we have said is that are able to do whatever, as long as you have the money necessary. Remember that Bentley survived in the 90’s thanks to the production of the Dominator, atv one-off that they were commissioned by the Sultan of Brunei. What would you like to see a SUV produced by McLaren?

Source: Leftlane
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