McLaren will not make his interpretation of the Porsche Cayman

today, the most economical models -so to say – McLaren are the 540C, belonging to the Sports Series. For 2017 it is expected its convertible version, the 570S. And hence do not think down, the same league in which they play Porsche 911 or Audi R8.

McLaren is not proposed therefore to make smaller models to respond to the Porsche, which is the Cayman (coupe) and the Boxster (convertible). Prefer to expand clientele base of credit to purchase, rather than taking models less exclusive.

Possible to read between the lines: is that you do not want to develop cars less profitable and higher volume production. In any case, the position of McLaren is totally respectable. There are brands that prefer to preserve a character of exclusivity before you go for a larger volume, see Ferrari as the most representative example.

over the next year we will know the 570S GT with two rear seats, and a unique design. They are also working on a limited edition, the 675LT Spider, in the absence of a year of its launch.