McLaren will show its single-seater MP4-31 on the 21st of February

Fernando Alonso en McLaren MP4/4 vĂ­deolittle by Little they get to know the submission dates of the F1 cars. The end of the season, all the teams are working hard to finalise their cars so that they are in the tests of pre-season. McLaren has already announced the filing date for the McLaren-Honda MP4-31. The selected day to show off your new design to the public will be on the 21st of February.

Fernando Alonso y Ron Dennis

Fernando Alonso and Ron Dennis

The baptism of fire of the MP4-31 will be in the test preseason
, same tests as last year they threw a jug of cold water to the McLaren-Honda seeing the difficulties they had, not only to get decent performance, but that the car could roll a few miles. The engine of Honda not had a good debut, but this past year have learned a lot and 2016 should be quite different.

The MP4-31 must go through the longest season of the F1, with 21 GPs. And there are still some unknowns about the event and the new car, not only its aspects but also because of the name. Maybe keep the H from Honda or not, and may be called MP4-31H or simply MP4-31. You could also see a new sponsor that has joined at the last minute to the team, something that would be good for the income of McLaren.