McLaren “would have won” racing in 2016, with the best engine


In spite of the remarkable progression that has signed for McLaren-Honda over the season 2016, and the objective of hunting down the strongest teams of the Formula 1 next year, the training of Woking is located immersed in a drought of victories that stretches for 78 runs, from the Brazilian Grand Prix of 2012. A negative streak of results that according to Eric Boullier would not have been taken in 2016 to have had the best engine of the grill, as the head of McLaren believes that with the better power unit would have won any race.

If we had the best engine this year, we would have won races explained Eric Boullier in a statement to ‘Autosport’. In this line, the head of McLaren added: “we Know that it is so, the speed data of the GPS say so. All in all, there is room for improvement in all areas with Honda, something that also mark the development of the chassis. In the end, everything is connected. You can’t make a car that has too much downforce if you do not have sufficient power delivery of the engine. In the end, you lose time. You have to balance it all the time. Work as a single team with Honda to achieve what we want“.

all in all, Eric Boullier has his feet on the ground and asks for calm. Although the progression of the team has been remarkable, there is still a long job to hunt down Mercedes: “The difference has been reduced, but to get to where it is Mercedes, it is not easy. Can’t you just copy and paste to be there. There is only one way to get there. Nor you can do it in three or six months, but in a few years. It took a while to Renault improve their engine, and still today are not at the top. They started to build this bike six years ago”.