McLaren’s complaint to Mercedes for one of their engineers


Loic Serra next to Nico Rosberg, Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel on the podium at the Suzuka 2015.

Loic Serra is the head of the department of Dynamics
Vehicles of Mercedes and, as part of the strengthening program
McLaren, received an offer to switch teams. McLaren
considered that the engineer currently has a contract with
them, but the reality is that Serra will remain in Mercedes
, as
the own Toto Wolff has confirmed.

McLaren believes that the team from Brackley has forced his
engineer to stay in the team and, therefore, has undertaken
legal actions. A spokesperson for McLaren told Motorsport
“the matter is subject to legal proceedings and we do not want to
comment on anything until they have been completed”
, confirming in
any case the situation.

Loic Serra was Head of Performance at BMW Sauber from 2006 to
2010, going to Mercedes when the mark of the star
purchased BrawnGP.
After working as Chief Engineer of Engineering
Channel, happened to be the head of the department in