McNish: “Le Mans has withstood time much darker”


Within the long and successful history of Audi Sport in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Allan McNish is a leading figure. However, the scot was a pilot officer of the firm of Ingolstadt since 2006 until he announced his retirement at the end of 2013, at which time he served as ambassador of the brand. a Few years in which McNish scored two of their three victories in The Sarthe, in addition to achieve numerous successes in the American Le Mans Series at the 12 Hours of Sebring. His last service at Audi was the title of the WEC 2013.

all in all, Allan McNish says that the launch of Audi’s WEC and Le Mans is not a blow-terminal: Audi has been a mainstay of drag racing for 18 years, but has had to move away. It is a brand that is huge for losing it on the grill, but I don’t understand that people are alarmed because the WEC and Le Mans with only two teams of the factory. For many years, Le Mans was two teams, Audi and Peugeot, and they were some of the best races. Losing to Audi is a ‘halt’ for the WEC and Le Mans, but not a dead end. Le Mans has withstood time much darker“.

In this aspect, McNish believes that the freezing of the technical regulations will help the WEC to find a brand that take the place of Audi, as it happened with Toyota when it was Peugeot: The freezing of the rules definitely help the competition. Change the hybrid systems would have been an expense enrome, both in terms of time and money for manufacturers. Delay this opens the door to a development extra and I hope that Toyota and Porsche are incredibly evenly matched this season. The two brands have something to prove. Porsche wants to be dominating and Toyota go to Le Mans this year”.