Mecachrome, AER and Ilmor interested in supplying engines independent of the F1

Mecachrome, Ilmor y AER logosAfter the publication of the specifications that they should have the engines and the standards to be met, as well as registration deadlines thrown by the FIA to regulate the entry of new developers of independent motors for the F1 championship, there are already some great candidates who are interested. These candidates are Mecachrome, AER and Ilmor. Three builders who have already shown their interest to the FIA to enter form part of the group of suppliers of independent motors to 2017.

Red Bull put as a condition to staying the input of these bikers independent to have options into the future and to be able to have an engine competitive. These engines will be cheaper and can give you a good power if the units are built properly. The greater freedom and permissiveness in exchange for a lower cost, could match the thing with the actual manufacturer, that is why some like Honda do not agree with the introduction of this type of engines.

Abiteboul y Horner

Abiteboul and Horner

The situation of Red Bull is something desperate, as in 2016, it seems that they will have to swallow with the Renault engine and eat his words. But in 2017, the thing would change, because that could go with any of these bikers to find a progress. Bernie Ecclestone has lit the fire this week claiming that Mercedes is to blame for the breakdown of Red Bull and Renault. Alleges that it met with the austrian team with the intention of giving them engines and once broken the agreement with Renault they changed their minds and leaving them alone.

well, in 2017, by the time we know that there will be at least three new independent manufacturers. Mecachrome has been the latest one to join after the interest of Ilmor and AER (Advanced Engine Research). The French firm Mecachrome has said that it could have engines ready in just 6 months of development, a term fairly short. The rest of motorists still have not given deadlines, but I’m sure ve├írn engines interesting competing with Honda, Renault, Ferrari and Mercedes.