Meeke and Mikkelsen, the double-M it 'measured' in Germany


Citroën Racing goes face to face with the Rally of Germany in a difficult situation. Although the weight of the equipment should fall on the shoulders of Kris Meeke, their irregularity and the lack of performance of the Citroen C3 WRC have led to the inclusion of Andreas Mikkelsen in the team. While the test on asphalt have begun for the team, all eyes will be focused in the mourning live for the first time, Kris Meeke and Andreas Mikkelsen, every time the hierarchical order and the future of both may be in play. Meanwhile, Craig Breen without making noise is the rider’s strongest team and occupies the seventh place in the overall.

in The end, Kris Meeke is the pilot who is more pressured. In the first place because the development of the Citroën C3 WRC was your responsibility and the car has been shown not to be at the height of its rivals. In the second instance, because the result of this deficient performance, the results have not come. To finish, Meeke has contested eight rallies and has only completed two, with victory in Mexico, and with an eighth place in Finland. A result in this last that turned to leave upset the irish: “This has been one of the weekends most difficult I have ever had in a car rally”.

To make matters even worse for Kris Meeke, and also of Andreas Mikkelsen from the moment that none of them have their guaranteed place in 2018, the shadow of Sébastien Loeb is elongated. In fact, while the team has started the test-specific face in the Rally of Germany, the great focus of the media regarding the team has been the announcement of PSA Motorsport the test that is going to make Sébastien Loeb with the Citroen C3 WRC on asphalt in the next few weeks. Kris Meeke learned through the official statement of this test, a situation that should not be nice and more when the door of 2018 to Loeb is not closed.